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Pachira Aquatica

Pachira Aquatica

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A Pachira Aquatica aka the Money Plant is a proud plant that stands fairly tall with a braided stem of delicate green leaves at the end of each stem. Popular in Chinese culture as it symbolises good luck.

Light: Bright indirect light, too much light will turn leaves yellow. Perfect lighting will encourage the leaves to grow from a sort of umbrella-like shape into full leaves.

Water: Pachira A
quatica's appreciate plenty of water so be sure to top yours up when the first inch of soil dries out. Another thing to take note of it to make sure it doesn't sit in standing water as this can lead to root rot, a common issue that can be avoided by using a pot with drainage holes. Water more frequently in Spring and Summer but reduce watering in the Winter months. Pachira Aquatica's retain water in their trunk so if it is a larger plant it will be more self-sustaining.

Non-Toxic :)

Pot size - 24cm & a height of 120cm

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