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Please scroll down for the repotting price list.

For anything else, you can contact me via the Reach Out to Rita or message directly on Instagram @RitaBotanicals to inquire or to book repotting.

Repotting Accessories

Soil Ninja (Peat Free Houseplant Soil), other repotting accessories & Decorative Ceramic/Terracotta... 

Repotting Service

I'm going to take three guesses... you are here because you love your plants but dread the repotting?! You have no time for it and the thought of repotting your plant babies is riddling you with anxiety?! You'd rather hand it over to a professional... whatever the reason, don't worry, I got you!

So let's run through the gritty details before we commence with the repotting.


We are proud stockists of Soil Ninja. It's top stuff! Not only is it peat-free, but it's also mixed freshly per order and comes in perfect blends for all your plants soil requirements. 

It's available to purchase in the shop for £6.50 a bag (subject to soil stock levels). We will match up the ideal soil for your plant and any left over soil will be given to you to take home for top ups later or even for next repotting season. By offering you to buy a specific soil mix by the bag, we are crossing out opened soil waste that may be difficult for us to keep fresh on our small shop floor. We only repot using Soil Ninja to ensure high quality, high nutrient, peat-free soil is used for your plant.


To reduce plastic, we've decided to introduce a swap and reuse system for old nursery pots. Help us on our mission to reduce plastic waste and bring along your empty, unwanted nursery pots lying around your home for your own repotted plants and for others! 

What's the right pot I should bring? When looking for a pot for your current plant to go into, you'll be needing the next size 1 size up, (2 cm bigger). If you have any questions about this or anything else, please reach out to me on Instagram @RitaBotanicals or via Reach Out to Rita on my website menu above. 

Repotting Price List


Small (less than 12cm) - £5

Medium (12cm to 18cm) - £7

Large (19cm to 24cm) £12

Extra Large (25cm 29cm) - £15

*30cm + pots/moss pole plants to be agreed upon enquiry*

Cactus & Succulents

Small (less than 12cm) - £5

Medium (12cm to 18cm) - £9

Large (19cm - 24cm) - £20

*25cm + pots/moss pole plants to be agreed upon enquiry*

Do you stock/repot with moss poles? As a start up plant shop, we don't have the space to batch order moss poles for the time being. If you'd like us to repot your moss pole plant or plant onto a moss pole, please let us know beforehand. We recommend these Grow Tropical Poles (Kratiste Support Pole | Moss & Coir Alternative) which are made from potato skins. They're inexpensive and super environmentally friendly.

The process: Before booking in, I'll ask you to send photos of your plants as they currently are. If given the go ahead, you'll be given a few weekday drop off options when you can pop into the shop with your plants. Please ensure your plants are pest free, if you're unsure of this, I will guide you over the phone with how you can check. Depending on how busy the shop is, you can expect your plants back within 2 days, I'll keep in contact with you throughout to ensure it is convenient.

Repotting is only for weekdays and plants with any pests will not be accepted due to a risk of spread to shop plants. If you're struggling with pests, ask me for help, I've got you!

*Repotting is always a risk but I will repot them with the utmost care and give them the best chance at thriving further! :)