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String of Hearts

String of Hearts

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String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii) is one of my favourites as it is a plant that just keeps giving! It's a wonderful plant with heart-shaped leaves gently cascading down delicate strands. During the Summer, quirky little funnel flowers that look similar to Chinese lanterns or more so resembling hearts appear along the strands. The Ceropegia is easy to propagate so if you love to make plant babies for all of your friends this cute little plant is one for your collection.

Light: Grow String of Hearts in bright indirect light, out of direct sunshine.

Rita's Tip: Put your String of Hearts in a brighter spot if you prefer plenty of hearts on the string, if you want the stringy look, then place it in a shadier spot. 

Water: Water regularly in Spring and Summer, allowing the soil to completely dry out between waterings. Reduce watering in Winter, and never let the plant sit in water as the roots can rot and kill the plant. 

 In summer it may bear pink, tubular flowers. String of Hearts is a succulent plant and is native to South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Non toxic ☺️

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