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String of Pearls Hanging Pot

String of Pearls Hanging Pot

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String of Pearls are unique vining succulents that are easily recognisable by their tiny pea-shaped leaves. The leaves grow on trailing stems that gracefully spill over the sides of hanging baskets. They are perfect if you love to propagate flowers to give as gifts to your friends or have countless String of Pearls draping all around your home.

Light: String of Pearls plants thrive on a combination of direct and indirect sunlight, totaling between six and eight hours a day. They're best when kept in direct sunlight during the softer morning hours, then moved to a spot that gets diffused, indirect light, or partial shade during the harsher afternoon hours.

Water: Keep the soil of your String of Pearls lightly moist during the growing season in the Spring and Summer, then reduce water during the Winter months. If you notice the succulent's spherical leaves flattening, it's a good indicator that the plant needs more water. If the soil is dry to the touch down to the first one-half inch of soil, that's a good sign your plant is thirsty.

Water thoroughly; you're done watering once the water drains out of the bottom of the pot. Succulents need good drainage and be careful not to overwater your String of Pearls plants. Succulents are drought-resistant but cannot survive with wet, soggy roots.

They might look like peas and you may think they're a substitute when you're out of frozen peas in your freezer, but they're definitely toxic to pets and not fit for human consumption, so probably better to just get your shoes on and go buy some edible peas from your local.

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