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Syngonium Mottled Mojito

Syngonium Mottled Mojito

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Syngonium Mottled Mojito is is an easy to care for plant although it looks intimidating, it really isn't. They has interesting white and green variegated leaves that open out into wide arrow-like shapes. It can either grow as a hanging plant, on a shelf or as a climber as it loves to spread out and grow in all directions.

Light: Medium to bright indirect light but will also tolerate low light.

Water: Water regularly to maintain moist soil but do not let the soil become soggy since the plant is prone to root rot. Water regularly during the Spring and Summer months and reduce the frequency during Winter. Don't forget the 2-inch soil check before each watering.

Toxic so don't mix it into your liquid Mojito, just keep it on the side while you drink one. 

Pot size - 12cm

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