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Succulents, Cacti & Crassulas

Succulents, Cacti & Crassulas

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An intriguing mix of succulents! Changes regularly, check back to collect them all!

Light: Most succulents do best in bright direct light and need at least 6 hours of natural light per day

Water: Succulents need more water in the early Spring when the plant starts actively growing. Water needs may lessen in the Summer and even more so during the Winter when the light decreases, and most succulents are dormant. During Winter, water your succulents when the soil is dry.


Curio Repens - Toxic
Perforata (String of Buttons) - Toxicity not yet confirmed
Portulacaria Afra Variegata (Elephant Bush) - Non-toxic
Rattail Crassula - Toxic

Pot Size - 5.5cm

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