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Snake Plant

Snake Plant

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.A Snake Plant aka Mother-in-Laws Tongue aka Sansevieria Superba is cheesily a superb plant! It's the number one air purifier - just one of these plants in your home can efficiently clean 100 square foot of space! It photosynthesis during the night and as a result it releases oxygen The silvery splashes of colour that are seen on the leaves are that way because they do not contain any Chlorophyll (the primary pigment used in photosynthesis), unlike the rest of the leaf. If you're wondering where these magical plants are from, they are native to the tropical regions of West Africa. 

Light: High light, low light, bright light, no light, fluorescent light and shady spots! This plant adapts to arid environments so no place will throw it off from thriving. It's practically un-killable! I will add that they do best in bright filtered light though.

Water: Your Snake Plant should be watered when the top inch of the soil is dry, but it is forgiving of infrequent watering. As mentioned, but to go more in depth here, as it adapted to arid environments, the Sansevieria developed CAM photosynthesis, allowing it to open its stoma (plant pores) at night and close it during the day to reduce the loss of water. This is why the Snake Plant only needs to be watered every not and then - really, just every now and then. 

Other things you should know: This plant loves being rootbound (Typically when a plant is rootbound, its roots have filled or grown through the little holes of its nursery pot which will in most cases holt its growth or appearance), however, the Sansevieria family are the exception! You won't need to repot this for a very, very long time!

Fun Fact: Although I said un-killable, the common way in which these have been killed is by OVERWATERING, so none of that overcompensating when you've forgotten to water, okay!

A Rita Botanicals Styling Tip: This plant looks awesome when bunched together. Say you were to buy 3, you've bunch them together (keeping them in their separate pots) but put them in a big taller basket. It will be a spectacle piece, creating the illusion of volume, wild warmth and style to any corner in your home!

It's toxic! Keep out of reach. They're not too sharp so you can't necessarily hurt yourself, but you could keep them by your front door to warn off any intruders or Mother-in-Laws.

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