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Rhipsalis Baccifera Oasis Hanging

Rhipsalis Baccifera Oasis Hanging

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Rhipsalis Baccifera Oasis aka the Mistletoe Cactus aka the Spaghetti Cactus - I'll have to admit, being half Italian, I much prefer this name. Originating from Central and South America, it's a striking plant with succulent leaves (although belonging to the Cactaceae family) that can grow quite large, out of control (if you like it like that) and hang decoratively from its pot.

If you want something wacky that when people come over to your house, they look up and go "OooOo what's that?!" Get a Rhipsalis Oasis. They're fun to maintain and you can cut back if you prefer the tamed look. If you prefer it to sit on top of a high bookshelf for instance, you can remove the clips that turn the pot into a hanging one and save that for another time. 

Light: Naturally found in the understory, Rhipsalis prefers bright, indirect light, and can tolerate direct morning and evening light.

Water: Rhipsalis Baccifera Oasis' are native to rainforests and enjoy lightly moist soil so ensure to water once the top layer is dry during Spring and Summertime to keep them happy. Reducing water over the non-growth periods to prevent shrivelling leaves will promote healthy blossoming in spring. Allow for ample time to dry out between watering to avoid root rot.

Non-Toxic but not sure it would make a good addition to your salad. Samphire is a better option, if you're going for that kind of look.

Pot size - 17cm Hanging

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