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Pilea Moon Valley

Pilea Moon Valley

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Pilea Moon Valley! Native to Central and South America, the Pilea Mollis (its more formal scientific name) is inspired by its deeply dimpled leaves that are thought to resemble the craters and valleys on the moon. An impressive plant if you're into textures! When having this on my stall, it was up there with my most popular plants as everyone wanted to feel its crimpled texture. With its textured leaves and deep vein valleys, this plant makes it feel like you're staring at another world! Another reason so many people love Pilea Moon Valley is for their vivid shades of green contrast with coppery veins. The colours just pop on this vibrant little plant! Place this zesty plant in an office space or working area to inspire creativity and thinking outside of the box. 

Water: If possible water from the bottom, using a saucer, once a week, and mist over the leaves every few days. 

Light: They enjoy bright but indirect sunlight. A Pilea Moon Valley can also tolerate medium light. Not suited for intense, direct sunlight.


Pot Size - 14cm/smaller with basket option.

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