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Philodendron White Stripe (Birkin)

Philodendron White Stripe (Birkin)

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Philodendron White Stripes otherly known as the Philodendron Birkin feature beautiful variegated white pinstripes on the glossy heart-shaped leaves. They are easy to care for making them ideal for a first plant although looking intimidatingly diffucult. 

Light: They enjoy bright indirect sunlight but will tolerate medium/low light. 

Water: Water when the top of the soil is dry and do not leave standing in water.

Toxicity: Philodendrons produce a toxin called Calcium Oxalate which is toxic to humans if ingested. Simply touching the leaves is fine if you wash your hands afterward. They are also toxic to our furry loveables. So if you really, really want this plant and MUST have it, ensure to keep it out of reach of your fur babies.

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