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Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo Moss Balls

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Japanese Moss Balls are an easy, eye-catching, quirky gift for a friend or yourself, if you like that sort of thing! It's also a gift well-loved by kids!

These cute (depending on how you see them) self-sustaining green balls of moss create their own food to aid photosynthesis. Pretty cool huh!

Light: Too much bright light can damage the Marimo's. Somewhere indirect but where bright light can reach, this may encourage them to photosynthesise meaning that they will release oxygen which will, in turn, make them move around in their water. So be sure to watch out for this! I've been told there is a great episode of Green Planet by David Attenborough on Marimo Moss Balls traveling down a river bed. I won't say which episode, you should watch them all, it will do you good aha.

Water: They live in water - be sure to change the water every week or so. This may need to be increased during Summer. When changing water very gently run water (filtered if you can) over the balls and use your hands to clean them to remove any excess dirt. You then take each moss ball out at a time, gently squeeze the excess water from them, and pop them back in the water, be sure to give them a good swirl in the freshwater to help them keep their ball shape. They thrive when they're clean!

They are non-toxic but I reckon they'll be a bit fluffy on the taste buds if you ever randomly decided to eat one.

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