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Maranta (Prayer Plant) Varieties

Maranta (Prayer Plant) Varieties

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Maranta Fascinator aka the Prayer Plant is a fascinating specimen of a plant. You saw what I did there. It really is! It's my staple favourite! If you have visited my stall you would know my story of when I first got mine before I got into the plant bizz. I sat it on my desk as I was working my marketing role from home at the time. I knew it moved as I'd seen Time Lapses (check on YouTube) and that's where it gets its nickname from. It moves its leaves like hands in prayer throughout the day. Well, I was so sure a cricket was living in my room for a good two weeks before I saw my Maranta called Maggie twitch and realised it was the noise of its leaves unfurling around eachother. Let's just say I was FASCINATED! 

So if you WFH or your BF does, this is the most entertaining plant hands down, or hands up! They can trail or you can prop them against a wall, they are happy either way. They also flower little delicate white and lilac flowers which bloom for about a day so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this precious moment. When new leaves are coming through, they appear long and spirally.

They are super popular but other variations are available known as Maranta Lemon Lemon (you can guess the difference with this one), Maranta Kerchoveana, Maranta Kerchoveana Leuconeura Var. Kerchoveana Variagata & Marant Silver Band. (If you want one of these various other Maranta's and you can't find it listed on Rita Botanicals, please reach out to me in the Reach Out section or DM on Insta and I'll pull some strings.

Light: Bright indirect light, can tolerate a small amount of shade.

Water: Water when the top half-ish of the soil is dry, if in doubt, do the 2-inch soil check. Stick your finger down into the soil by 2 inches, if it's moist, it doesn't need watering. Do this check before watering it and you'll never go wrong. Or at least, if you do, it won't be because you were watering it wrong.

Also loves a good humid environment, you can either move it into your bathroom or kitchen on occasion or mist it down with a mister in addition to the watering. (You can find a mister in the Mister section if you haven't got one already - it will immediately level you up as a plant parent, just saying).

 Non-Toxic :) 

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