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Kalanchoe Magic Bells

Kalanchoe Magic Bells

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Kalanchoe Magic Bells are one of my most popular plants! They're rare, intriguing and everyone asks about them. If you're struggling to find a plant present for a friend or family member within a good price range and striking unusual character, this is your best bet! Kalanchoe Magic Bells cluster lovely bell-like flowers on tall patterned stems. They originate from Madagascar and can flower for long periods and could last up to 8-10 weeks at a time with vibrant, interestingly shaped, green leaves.

Light: Prefers a warm spot with plenty of light, can tolerate a small amount of early direct sunlight

Water: Water approximately once every 2 weeks unless it is in a very warm spot and then it will need doing more. Don't allow the soil to become wet and soggy as it will not tolerate this and can lead to root rot. Let the soil dry out in between waterings.

Unfortunately, these grape-looking flowers are toxic, so don't go trying to make wine out of them! Stick to the whites and reds you know. 

Pot Size - 14cm (Plant height approx. 65cm tall) 

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