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Iresine Herbstii

Iresine Herbstii

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 The rare Iresine Herbstii (Rich Red Star or Bloodleaf) is a colourful foliage that boasts deep red leaves with prominent red veins which are the main attraction of this Brazilian plant. Luckily for us, this tropical native happens to adapt well to being indoors, making it a spectacular room accent that pops out from the green. In terms of height, if repotted over the years and taken care of, it can reach a height of 2 ft (60 cm) when grown in a pot indoors. Iresine herbstii 'Rich Red Star' (or Bloodleaf).  There aren't many of these around just yet, but a striking plant like this is sure to become popular!

Light: Bright light is necessary to prevent the bright leaf color from fading. Shade the plant from the hot, direct Summer sun. It thrives under indoor grow lights. Heads up, if your Iresine Herbstii ever becomes leggy, it means it isn't getting enough light.  

Water: Water thoroughly, aiming to keep the potting mix lightly moist at all times. Ensure that there is no water under the nursery pot in your ceramic, if left, the plant will be sitting on soggy soil, which can lead to root rot. Water less in winter, when growth has slowed. Older plants are drought-tolerant. This plant appreciates 50% humidity so it will thrive best in a humid place such as a bathroom or kitchen, otherwise, you can get a mister (Misters available at Rita Botanicals in the Mister section) or invest in a plant humidifier. 

Toxicity: Non-toxic, hip, hip, hurray!

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