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Hypoestes Rainbow (Polka Dot Plant)

Hypoestes Rainbow (Polka Dot Plant)

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Hypoestes Phyllostachya more commonly known as the Polka dot plant or as I like to call this melange of colouring the Hypoestes Rainbow are originally from Madagascar. They are perennial herbaceous shrubs whose stems get woody as they age. They grow tall with vibrant coloured dots depending on colour variant, hence its more casual name. They are fun to grow and as they grow, little flowers will bloom. They're worth the wait!

Water: Keep the soil evenly moist. Water the plant when the top 2-inches of soil has dried out. Cut back slightly on watering in the winter, then resume watering once you see new growth appear in the spring.

Light: Too much light can cause the plant's variegation to fade. Bright, indirect light from an east or south-facing window is ideal.

These are perfect if you're someone or know someone who struggles with plant pests. Polka dot plants kept as houseplants are rarely bothered by disease or pests. Although, as any other plant, if the plant is kept sitting in too much water and kept too moist, soil gnats and root rot can occur. So watch out for this.

They are non-toxic. Hurray!

Pot Size - 12cm

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