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Ficus Tineke

Ficus Tineke

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Standing proud, Ficus Tineke (aka Rubber Plant) is a colourful and welcome addition to any living space. Its large tropical, waxy leaves boast a green and cream variegation all whilst filtering the air. Its leaves have impressive naturally patterned shades of green and cream. This is accompanied by a burgundy flush which differs from its related Ficus family. New leaf growth will sprout from the top, especially when in Summertime as this is when plants tend to flourish and show off their new leaves!

Light: The more bright filtered light, the faster they will grow. Not too much direct sunlight but will tolerate a sunny spot for a couple of hours.

Water: Water when the top 3 inches or so dry out, they can be pretty drought tolerant but they won't enjoy being totally neglected.

It's a toxic plant - if you have pets or children, I highly reccommend keeping it out of arms reach. A way to train your pets, especially cats is to get their own non-toxic plants within reach so that can play with them. This will distract them from your toxic green babies. 

Pot size - 12cm

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