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Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia Japonica

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Usually seen outside in gardens, Fatsia Japonica plants are stunning indoors too! If you like to keep things minimal in your home, this star-shaped foliage will be sure to give your space a statement. It's glossy leaves, almost palm-like; like to reach out for the sun. Keep yourselves on the lookout for a subtle cluster of white flowers that may bloom in Autumn. This low-maintenance plant requires little effort to look good and still steals the show.

Light: Fatsia's prefer a shaded area to bright, indirect light. Will tolerate some lighter shade, but too much light will cause yellowing of leaves. Avoid direct sunlight, so keep it away from your windows unless you have a very shady-facing side.

Water: During the growing season, ensure the soil remains moist at all times, watering when the top two inches of the soil feels slightly dry. In the winter allow the plant to dry out a little more between watering. Do not allow it to sit in soggy soil. Use soft water if possible.

Toxicity is currently unknown on this plant, so to be sure, keep it out of reach of children and fur babies.

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