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Drosera Capensis (Cape Sundew)

Drosera Capensis (Cape Sundew)

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Sundews are one of the most intriguing carnivorous plant in my opinion. They do the same as the Venus Fly Traps, but have a whole different method. originating from the Cape region of South Africa, these herbaceous perennials are found in marshes and in other moist, open habitats.

Its slim leaves covered in tentacles produce a sticky mucus / sap that look like drops of water. Leaves will capture flies and wrap around them, ingesting them and slowly absorbing them. They require around 2 flies a month to survive, if you love keeping them but don't have any flies around, keep it close to an open window to allow flies to be attracted to it.

Fun little side note, this carnivorous plant, believe it or not, will flower! A beautiful pink flower that will appear in late Spring/early Summer. They will only last a day so do keep your eyes on it.

They will help with any fungus gnat, fruit fly and even mosquito issues you're having and they're easy care! I know, I know, that's just what you want to hear. 

Water: Pop it in a deep tray (still in its nursery pot with drainage holes), this will keep it moist and give it the moist conditions it requires to grow and thrive. In Winter, alike many other plants; it's dormant, so don't be disheartened, just see it through the late Spring and you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Light: Keep it in a sunny spot or filtered space. 

Toxicity: Toxic!

Pot Size - 9cm 

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