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Coffee Arabica

Coffee Arabica

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A Coffee Arabica plant is a great gift to yourself or a friend who enjoys a coffee! It doesn't smell of coffee or make coffee at home, but it definitely is the foliage missing in that spot next to your coffee machine. Native to Ethiopia the Arabica Coffee plant has attractive green glossy evergreen foliage and apparently produces small white flowers that resemble Jasmine. I can't tell you if they smell like a good coffee or jasmine as I've never witnessed any flower myself yet. Coffee beans will also grow on this attractive little plant. 

Light: Keep in bright indirect light.

Water: Water to keep the soil slightly moist but not soggy. You will never go too long without realising you have missed a watering as it will wilt like there's no tomorrow, but not to panic! Just give it a regular watering as you would have done (no overcompensating here, okay).

Toxic, so don't go making coffee out of it, you won't get very far, or unless we're talking A&E, you'll get there for sure! Leave the coffee farming to the pro's, you stick to your favourite cafe's and buying pretty plants.

Pot size - 12cm pot/ Regular Mug/Without

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