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Rita Botanicals

Cat (or Doggo) Grass

Cat (or Doggo) Grass

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A big hit with our furry friends! Cat grass (Katzengraass) is great for your cats and also your doggo's! It's a healthy addition to their diet, helping them to digest with more ease. The cat grass comes in many shoots coming from barley and wheatgrass! It's great if you are a hardcore plant parent but your pet keeps nibbling away at the leaves and trying to have a crack at your toxic plants. You can train them to play with only their plant - their very own cat grass plant! It's fast-growing too! With barely any care and the occasional watering, it's easy peasy and will save you quite a bob on buying those treats from the shops. 

You can buy them singular at £5 each, there is also an offer on for 2 for £8 & 3 for 12 so all of your furry loved ones will have their own. Another tip is if you cat is a grass nibbler, they'll probably get through one pretty quick! You could go for the offer of 3 and alternate between them to give each time to grow back and then replace. 

Make sure not to overwater as this will cause the grass to yellow!

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