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Calathea Makoyana

Calathea Makoyana

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The Calathea Makoyana is also known as the Peacock Plant due to the patterned foliage resembling a peacock's tail, they are easy to care for and pet friendly. It has distinctive glossy ornamental leaves with stunning feathered variegation.

Calathea's are known for their striking patterns, delicate leaves, variety, and soft, sometimes fluffy texture. They are also pretty entertaining as just like a prayer plant, they dance with the change of light.

Light: Calathea's generally enjoy bright light but avoid direct sunlight. They can tolerate light shade. You might have to play around with this one and find which part of your home makes them happy.

Water: They prefer moist soil, but don’t let them sit in water. Will thrive in a humid environment. Calathea's will also really, really appreciate frequent mistings too!

Pot size - 14cm

Your furry friend will appreciate you having this plant as it's non-toxic! 

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