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Big Terrarium

Big Terrarium

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This terrarium is as easy as they get! Terrariums are already known to be some of the easiest additions to your home. They make the best gifts and are super impressive considering they require little care. So how do you look after a terrarium?

terrarium is essentially an indoor gardening container, or more interestingly said "a self-contained ecosystem". that holds plants. It is usually made of glass that is fully or partially enclosed to allow heat and light to enter and confine moisture. 

The current terrariums in stock hold Moss, Fittonia (Nerve Plant) & Calathea, and the other holds Moss, Calathea & a stunning shimmering Scindapsus. (The Nerve Plant is a plant that especially loves humidity and therefore is the perfect plant for a terrarium, and possibly one of the easiest to start with in terms of terrarium plants. Calathea is known to be one of the most challenging plants but throw it in a terrarium and it is surprisingly tolerant, it is a big lover of humidity!

Light: A smaller-sized terrarium cannot take direct sunlight because too much heat builds up inside and the plants will start to cook! Terrariums love bright indirect sunlight, a place near a bright window but not in beams of the sun. A north-facing window would be ideal. Aim for 4 to 6 hours of indirect sunshine a day.

Water: Never pour water into your terrarium. Water should be added a little at a time using a misting bottle to avoid overwatering as there is nowhere for excess water to go. If your terrarium has large droplets of condensation on the glass then it has plenty of moisture and shouldn't be misted again for a while. When the droplets are seen on the inside of the glass, this is a good indication to open up the top to allow the ventilation and humidity to be controlled. Once clear again, put back the cork lid on top. Repeat this when required. Misting is to be done when you don't see droplets on the glass for a while. 

They're perfect if you have furry friends who attempt to have a nibble at your houseplants, as I doubt they'll be into nibbling at glass! 

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