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Beaucarnea Recurvata Nolina Ball (Ponytail Palm)

Beaucarnea Recurvata Nolina Ball (Ponytail Palm)

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Originating from Mexico and Texas, this orb like palm caught my eye when I first spot one! This is a Beaucarnea Recurvata Nolina Ball, also more commonly known as a Ponytail Palm. This plant is said to be such a great plant to own that it will most definitely outlive you! What an heirloom this palm will be! It has a bulb-shaped base that holds water extremely well, allowing for more sporadic watering. The quirky character of this plant makes it a big hit with plant lovers (including myself!), whilst also gaining a good reputation as its easy peasy to look after. It's air purifying properties makes it a great plant to put on your bedside table or even on display on your window sill, as it loves regular sunlight. Ponytail Palms are very slow growing plants. Over time, this plant will typically reach an indoor maximum height of around 2.5 metres.

Water: Although the base of the plant holds water, your plant will do best when watered thoroughly on a regular basis in Summer. The plant itself requires little watering throughout the year, with attention needed slightly more in the warmer months of Summer. If you make sure to water the plant either once or twice a month during the colder months, it will cope just fine. The water store in the orb bulb will help the plant survive if you forget occasionally! This plant is perfect for low-humidity atmospheres, as a desert-dweller, the Ponytail Palm thrives in the dry air of heated homes (we've all got cold to keep our plants happy - this one will tell you to turn on the heating!).

Light: The Ponytail Palm prefers bright, indirect sunlight, however, it will tolerate some degree of shade but will grow better in lighter conditions.

Toxicity: Non-toxic yippieeee!

Pot Size - 9cm

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