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Asplenium Nidus "Crispy Wave"

Asplenium Nidus "Crispy Wave"

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The crispy wave is a vibrant plant with intense green, pleated leaves adding instant visual interest. A native of East Asia. The Asplenium Nidus also known more commonly as a "Crispy Wave" is a vibrant green plant with, how else can I put it... hmm curly leaves ':). It's a wacky plant! 

Light: Is happiest in moderate indirect light. Avoid placing in direct sunlight.

Water: This plant likes humidity and moisture. Mist the leaves and keep the soil lightly damp to the touch, but not wet. Water from the bottom by placing it in a bowl with enough water in (so it doesn't overflow once the plant is popped in) and leave until water is gone (or pretty much gone). Avoid pouring water into the crown of the plant as this can cause it to rot.

Pot size - 12cm/17cm

Non-Toxic hurray!

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