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Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia Zebrina

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Alocasia Zebrina are a statement piece for sure! They tower high, growing up and slightly outwards. Known for their zebra-like stems, these rounded arrowhead leaves grow big and mighty. 

Light: Thrives in bright, well-lit conditions, however, direct sunlight should be avoided as it will scorch the leaves. Alocasia do not benefit from shade and will begin to suffer if light is too low.

Water: Allow the top 2-3 inches to dry between watering to ensure the plant isn't sitting in soil that is too wet. During the winter, Alocasia's will go through a dormancy period and will require less frequent watering as the soil will take longer to dry.


Pot size - 19cm (65cm tall) & 24cm (110cm tall)

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