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Alocasia Tigrina Superba

Alocasia Tigrina Superba

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Ahhhhh the Alocasia Tigrina Superba! The tiger of plants! Often mixed up with its cousin the Alocasia Zebrina for their similar zebra striped stems and structure but in fact are more different on closer look. The leaves on a Tigrina are way more pointy and aggressive looking. The green colourings look alien-like hence it being featured in the Alien Collection. The leaves have a wonderfully deep, glossy texture which has an array of multiple shades of green, almost fluorescent in parts. 

Light: Alocasia's need bright, but indirect light. Direct sun will cause the leaves to burn, so avoid placing your Alocasia in a spot where it'll be exposed to direct sun for a prolonged amount of time. This plant is not tolerant of lower light conditions though, so make sure the space you're placing yours in feels very bright.

Water: Allow the top 2-3 inches to dry between watering to ensure the plant isn't sitting in soil that is too wet. During the winter, Alocasia's will go through a dormancy period and will require less frequent watering as the soil will take longer to dry.

Toxic & will probably turn you into an alien if you ate it!

Pot size - 17cm (65cm tall) & 24cm (110cm tall) 

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