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Alocasia Dragon Scale

Alocasia Dragon Scale

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Now this plant is all about the "Vintage Vibes". It says, I'm a sophisticated plant collector like no others. So if you've got all green and no grey... this is your next plant!

Originating from Southeast Asia, particularly Borneo, this plant is a medium care plant with lots of character.

Water: Water when the top half-ish of the soil is dry, if in doubt, do the 2-inch soil check. Stick your finger down into the soil by 2 inches, if it's moist, it doesn't need watering. Do this check before watering it and you'll never go wrong. Or at least, if you do, it won't be because you were watering it wrong. This plant can tolerate the occasional missed watering, but don't make it a habit ':)., especially in Summer!

Light: Bright indirect light.

Toxicity: Toxic!

Pot Size - 12cm

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